Maxime Aulio, composer & Conductor

  1. New CDs!

  1. Where to find my scores?

  1. In progress: Liberté ! for euphonium and symphonic band, «Vers l’infini...» for trombone and orchestra, Epomanduodurum - Aquila Non Capit Muscas, for wind band,...

  1. Works to be finished next:

    The Day the Little Green Men didn’t Attack Earth!, dedicated to Thorwald Jørgensen (NL)

    Mégalopoles, for saxophone quartet and wind orchestra (commissioned by Ellipsos)

    L’Homme, for bassoon (or cello) & male voice choir, for J. Pablo L. Cruz (MEX)

    La Grande Vague de Kanagawa, commissioned by the American Wind Symphony Orchestra (USA)

And other commissions until 2019...